Definition and Properties of the Concept of Structure as a Methodical Tool in the Sciences of Man

Por • 6 ago, 2018 • Sección: sociologia

Arnold Cornelis

Any scholar who is interested in the methodology and philosophy of science cannot but be struck by the high frequency of the term “structure” in the vocabulary of science during the last four decades. And he is likely to ask himself if that key-word of so many sciences studying distinct fields of reality, refers always to the same concept. He would also like to have a clear definition of a generally applicable, abstract concept of “structure”, which would leave alone the characteristics of particular objects of research and be restricted to a minimal number of axioms. He would like to know if he has the right to dispose of the concept of “structure” as it is defined in a particular branch of science, in order to apply it somewhereelse, in some other branch. If this should be the case the concept of structure would be a methodological tool. In fact it is already used in that way especially in the sciences of man. It would be interesting to see what· arethe properties of the scientific method which a general concept of structure implies.

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