Evolutionary Events in a Mathematical Sciences Research Collaboration Network

Por • 4 abr, 2012 • Sección: sociologia

Jason Cory Brunson, Steve Fassino, Antonio McInnes, Monisha Narayan, Brianna Richardson, Christopher Franck, Patrick Ion, Reinhard Laubenbacher

Abstract: Collaboration is key to scientific research, and increasingly to mathematics. This paper contains a longitudinal investigation of mathematics collaboration and publishing using the proprietary database Mathematical Reviews, maintained by the American Mathematical Society. The database contains publications by several hundred thousand researchers over 25 years. Mathematical scientists became more interconnected, collaborative, and interdisciplinary over this interval, and twice the network experienced dramatic structural shifts. These events are examined and possible external factors are discussed. Smaller subject-specific subnetworks exhibit behavior that provides insight into the aggregate dynamics. The data are available upon request to the Executive Director of the AMS.

arXiv:1203.5158v1 [physics.soc-ph]

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