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Wen stresses energy trade with Riyadh

Por • 17 ene, 2012 • Category: Política

Against a backdrop of growing regional tensions over the Iran nuclear issue, Premier Wen Jiabao called for more trade and cooperation in crude oil and natural gas with Saudi Arabia during his state visit there. ”China and Saudi Arabia should keep deepening cooperation in the face of changeable and complicated regional and international trends,” Wen said in Riyadh on Saturday. ”Both sides must strive together to expand trade and cooperation, upstream and downstream, in crude oil and natural gas,” noted Wen, who will also visit the oil and gas producing countries of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Under the agreement, Aramco will hold a 62.5 percent stake in the Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Co joint venture, with Sinopec owning the remainder. The refinery project will cost at least $8.5 billion. Wen’s visit came shortly after Iran, China’s third biggest oil supplier, threatened to shut down the Strait of Hormuz in response to Western sanctions against its nuclear program.

OPEC’s Home Stability Costs

Por • 15 ago, 2011 • Category: Internacionales

Circumstances thus combine into a vicious circle as OPEC countries grow dependent on high oil prices due to purely domestic factors. According to Hulbert, “There are simply no price moderates left in OPEC ranks – merely gradations of hawks – all of whom increasingly regard $100/b as a crucial break-even price for oil”. This in turn drives what Hulbert refers to as “bullish price expectations” and, eventually, leads to still higher costs of crude. At the same time, as the Vienna meeting clearly showed, the rift is widening in the OPEC ranks which can sooner or later escalate into a full-blown divorce.

Caveats in the Yemeni narrative

Por • 7 jun, 2011 • Category: Política

The former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger bluntly warned at a weekend roundtable in Berlin that all this business of democracy is turning out to be rather pernicious for American interests. Kissinger admitted that the upheaval in the Persian Gulf region poses a “strategic and at the same time moral problem” for the US, but all the same, it’s not “in our interests”, he maintained, for Shi’ites to take over power since that could lead to the “break-up of Saudi Arabia”.

Tropas de Arabia Saudita entran a Bahrain

Por • 15 mar, 2011 • Category: Portada

Grupo de oposición afirma que el desplazamiento de las tropas sauditas equivale a una declaración de guerra.