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Israeli Air Strike on Iran: Plans and Consequences

Por • 15 feb, 2012 • Category: Internacionales

Everything points to the fact that Israeli’s air attack on Iran is imminent. Israeli leaders have been claiming Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons capability since the early 1990s, and defense and intelligence officials have issued a series of ever-changing estimates on how close Iran is to the bomb. But today the saber-rattling has become much more vibrant and openly spoken. It starts to cause jitters in world capitals and financial markets. There is a growing possibility an attack may take place over the next few months. There are a lot of reports confirming this point of view in U.S. media and not only. Speculation has been building that Israel keeps a preemptive strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities as an option on the table following the latest report by the International Atomic Energy Agency indicating that Tehran was producing 20% enriched uranium at its Fordo plant near Qom. The U.S. has recently imposed sanctions on Iran’s central bank and three oil companies, which trade with the country. The European Union has taken a decision to impose an embargo on Iran’s oil exports.