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Uncertainty, incompleteness, chance, and design

Por • 30 ene, 2013 • Category: Filosofía

The 20th century has revealed two important limitations of scientific knowledge. On the one hand, the combination of Poincar\’e’s nonlinear dynamics and Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle leads to a world picture where physical reality is, in many respects, intrinsically undetermined. On the other hand, G\»odel’s incompleteness theorems reveal us the existence of mathematical truths that cannot be demonstrated. More recently, Chaitin has proved that, from the incompleteness theorems, it follows that the random character of a given mathematical sequence cannot be proved in general (it is ‘undecidable’). I reflect here on the consequences derived from the indeterminacy of the future and the undecidability of randomness, concluding that the question of the presence or absence of finality in nature is fundamentally outside the scope of the scientific method.

Lyapunov Time

Por • 26 ene, 2011 • Category: Opinion

Our society today – is as much an incorporeal mirage, as the self-confident idiocy of the contemporary man in the street. But we know that “Lyapunov time” is our time. That is why, the hand is stretching for…(no, not to what you were thinking, yet) books by Poincare, Kolmogorov, Stengers, Tom, Prigogine, Capra, Nichols, Mandelbrot, and other interesting authors.