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Iran, US: Islamic Revolution Turns 35

Por • 13 feb, 2014 • Category: Internacionales

On February 11, 1979 the world saw one of the most momentous events of the XX century. 35 years ago the leader of the first Islamic revolution ayatollah Khomeini solemnly declared victory. It was the end of the shah power that had lasted for 2500 years. The power went to spiritual leaders. The major part of Iranian people never adopted radical westernization and one-sided orientation on the United States, it supported the revolutionary slogan “Independence and freedom!” Today Iranians’ aspiration to preserve their national and state originality is as relevant as the ongoing stand-off with the USA.

China chances a game-changing role

Por • 16 ene, 2014 • Category: Internacionales

The political thaw between US and Iran is of course a big game-changer for the Middle East, but it also presents unprecedented possibilities and challenges for China’s role in the region and Central Asia. China has been reluctant to engage as well as fearful of America’s direct presence and interests and the extremely difficult political quagmire that dominates those spaces. However, other considerations are pushing China to pay greater attention. New Chinese initiatives could take place without the American rapprochement with Iran. However, because China is extremely wary of American sensitivities, Beijing would not feel extremely comfortable taking on Central Asia and Middle East totally against American wishes. China would not want to be perceived as engaging in some sort of proxy Cold War-era type of engagement in the Middle East.