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A grand new strategy for China

Por • 27 feb, 2014 • Category: Internacionales

A major military and diplomatic shift is occurring in Asia. It is pushing China to reconsider its strategic priorities and this is causing a domino effect in regional politics. The change is spawning a maze of new alliances. To prevent everything from unraveling, the US and China must find a new common ground that enables collaboration on the world’s biggest quagmires – Central Asia and Middle East. This is necessary for peace in both the Middle East and the Pacific region.

Rapprochement: Israel and Saudi Arabia (II)

Por • 23 ene, 2014 • Category: Política

Among US clients and allies in the Middle East there are fears that the security of their regimes had been compromised or that the US has secretly sold them off during its bilateral and multilateral negotiations with Iran. The Saudi-controlled media and its propagandists went into overdrive frantically deriding and lamenting Washington’s decision to engage Tehran in direct and public high-level diplomatic dialogue whereas Israeli leaders said that the agreement should be rescinded… As a result both the US and Iranian government have sought to reassure some of the different players in the Middle East to calm down.

Israel prepares for major military operations

Por • 2 mar, 2011 • Category: Internacionales

During a visit to battalion 932 «Granit» of the Infantry Brigade of IDF, Ehud Barak stated the possibility of a new invasion to Lebanon. This measure can be undertaken by the Israeli army in the event of another attack of Hezbollah.