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The China challenge: War or peace

Por • 17 nov, 2012 • Category: Internacionales

China’s political transition is of massive importance for the world. The crucial relevance of the whole Bo Xilai affair is also about political reforms. In a more open political system, a man like Bo, the disgraced party secretary from Chongqing, would have been stopped long before he could cause serious damage, or he would have amended his ways to run for the top position with full legality. Yet political reforms are not simply a Chinese internal matter. As China became the world’s second-largest economy and continues its fast-track development, the issue is no longer the full integration of China into the world economic system but also China’s full integration into the global political system. For the past 30 years, the World Bank has assisted with the growth and transformation of the Chinese economy. Yet in the much more difficult and delicate – both for China and the world – political reforms, China is not assisted by anyone. Beijing needs guidance to guarantee that political changes in the country will help it integrate into the world and will not set the two further apart. It is therefore an issue of global governance, with heavy fallout in terms of peace and the global economy.

Global stakes of Mideast turmoil

Por • 16 mar, 2011 • Category: Opinion

Political unrest in oil-rich region threatens to double-dip the worldwide recession. Political turmoil in the Middle East has powerful economic and financial implications, particularly as it increases the risk of stagflation, a lethal combination of slowing growth and sharply rising inflation. Indeed, should stagflation emerge, there is a serious risk of a double-dip recession for a global economy that has barely emerged from its worst crisis in decades.