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Pensar-Tiempo y Ser: la Verdad.

Por • 6 mar, 2013 • Category: Filosofía

Se presenta aquí, en primer lugar, una comparación entre la relación «Pensar-Tiempo y Ser» en la antigüedad y en la modernidad que concluye con la defensa de que la diversa formulación de esta relación da lugar a dos modos distintos de entender la verdad. A este primer estudio sigue un segundo estudio sobre el surgimiento de la vida como nueva preocupación de la filosofía como consecuencia de la determinada formulación «Pensar-Tiempo» y Ser en la modernidad.

An information-processing approach to the origin of life

Por • 20 dic, 2012 • Category: Ambiente

“To a physicist or chemist life seems like ‘magic matter,’” Davies explained. “It behaves in extraordinary ways that are unmatched in any other complex physical or chemical system. Such lifelike properties include autonomy, adaptability and goal-oriented behavior — the ability to harness chemical reactions to enact a pre-programmed agenda, rather than being a slave to those reactions. “We believe the transition in the informational architecture of chemical networks is akin to a phase transition in physics, and we place special emphasis on the top-down information flow in which the system as a whole gains causal purchase over its components, This approach will reveal how the logical organization of biological replicators differs crucially from trivial replication associated with crystals (non-life). By addressing the causal role of information directly, many of the baffling qualities of life are explained.”