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China-Vietnam relations facing greater chance of derailment

Por • 27 ene, 2014 • Category: Política

Since January 18, some cities in Vietnam have hosted a series of picture exhibitions, memorial services, and international symposiums to mark the 40th anniversary of the naval battle between China and South Vietnam in 1974. These events were held to challenge the established sovereignty of Xisha Islands, also called «Hoang Sa Islands» in Vietnam. It has also been reported that Vietnam will commemorate the 35th anniversary of the Sino-Vietnamese war in 1979. There is a growing chance that Beijing-Hanoi relations will derail.

Psychological warfare in the South China Sea

Por • 11 abr, 2013 • Category: Política

Maritime disputes between China and Vietnam have entered a dangerous new realm: psychological warfare. Tit-for-tat provocations, including marine patrol deployments in disputed areas in the South China Sea and Beijing’s decision to include territories it claims on maps printed in its national passports, have intensified in recent months, adding new destabilizing variables to an already volatile situation. Rather than dialogue, China and Vietnam seem to be increasingly engaged in a thorny game of psychological warfare, with the apparent aim to undermine the other sides’ ability to conduct potential combat operations in the disputed areas. While Vietnam’s reactions to China’s moves have appeared more defensive than offensive, China’s actions have more clearly aimed at deterring and demoralizing Vietnam’s smaller and comparatively poorly equipped military and navy.