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Global stakes of Mideast turmoil

Por • 16 mar, 2011 • Category: Opinion

Political unrest in oil-rich region threatens to double-dip the worldwide recession. Political turmoil in the Middle East has powerful economic and financial implications, particularly as it increases the risk of stagflation, a lethal combination of slowing growth and sharply rising inflation. Indeed, should stagflation emerge, there is a serious risk of a double-dip recession for a global economy that has barely emerged from its worst crisis in decades.

A Fight to Win the Future: Computers vs. Humans

Por • 16 feb, 2011 • Category: Ciencia y tecnología

For the past four decades that basic tension between artificial intelligence and intelligence augmentation — A.I. versus I.A. — has been at the heart of progress in computing science as the field has produced a series of ever more powerful technologies that are transforming the world.