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Jacob’s Ladder and Scientific Ontologies

Por • 21 ago, 2013 • Category: Filosofía

The main goal of this article is to use the epistemological framework of a specific version of Cognitive Constructivism to address Piaget’s central problem of knowledge construction, namely, the re-equilibration of cognitive structures. The distinctive objective character of this constructivist framework is based on Heinz von Foerster’s fundamental metaphor of – objects as tokens for eigen-solutions, and is also supported by formal inference methods of Bayesian statistics. This epistemological perspective is illustrated using some episodes in the history of chemistry concerning the definition or identification of chemical elements. Some of von Foerster’s epistemological imperatives provide general guidelines of development and argumentation.

Fenomenotecnia y conceptualización en la epistemología de Gaston Bachelard

Por • 5 may, 2013 • Category: Filosofía

Se explican dos ideas capitales de la epistemología de Bachelard y su relación mutua: la ciencia es fenomenotécnica, la ciencia inventa sus conceptos La producción de fenómenos con arreglo a esos conceptos certifica su idoneidad

Anomalous Observers in the Subjectively Identical Reference Class

Por • 14 abr, 2013 • Category: Filosofía

Anthropic reasoning is a critical tool to understand probabilities, especially in a large universe or multiverse. According to anthropic reasoning, we should consider ourselves typical among members of a reference class that must include all subjectively indistinguishable observers. We discuss here whether such a reference class, which we assume must include computer simulations, must also include computers that replay previous simulations, magnetic tapes that store but do not «run» the simulation, and even abstract mathematical functions. We do not see any clear criterion for excluding these anomalous observers, but their presence is deeply troubling to the idea of anthropic reasoning.

An interpretation of the formalism of quantum mechanics in terms of epistemological realism

Por • 25 dic, 2012 • Category: Ciencia y tecnología

We present an alternative to the Copenhagen interpretation of the formalism of nonrelativistic quantum mechanics. The basic difference is that the new interpretation is formulated in the language of epistemological realism. It involves a change in some basic physical concepts. Elementary particles are considered as extended objects and nonlocal effects are included. The role of the new concepts in the problem of measurement and of the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen correlations is described. Experiments to distinguish the proposed interpretation from the Copenhagen one are pointed out.