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Homonimia, explicación y reducción en la Física de Aristóteles

Por • 23 abr, 2013 • Category: Filosofía

Ontología, homonimia y explicación reductiva en Aristóteles. II Homonimia en la Física. III. Homonimia y explicación reductiva en el tratamiento de espacio, infinito y tiempo en Física III-IV. IV. Consideraciones finales.

About the Infinite Repetition of Histories in Space

Por • 29 ene, 2013 • Category: Ambiente

This paper analyzes two different proposals, one by Ellis and Brundrit, based on classical relativistic cosmology, the other by Garriga and Vilenkin, based on the DH interpretation of quantum mechanics, both of which conclude that, in an infinite universe, planets and living beings must be repeated an infinite number of times. We point to some possible shortcomings in the arguments of these authors. We conclude that the idea of an infinite repetition of histories in space cannot be considered strictly speaking a consequence of current physics and cosmology. Such ideas should be seen rather as examples of {\guillemotleft}ironic science{\guillemotright} in the terminology of John Horgan.

Introduction aux dynamiques catégoriques connectives

Por • 27 dic, 2011 • Category: Educacion

This text is a continuation to my former article «On Connectivity Spaces». It takes into account that connectivity spaces gives rise to phenomena which are essentially dynamic. In a first stage, the representation of finite connectivity spaces by links (Brunn-Debrunner-Kanenobu’s theorem) leads to the notion of connective representation. But examples of connective representations often come from dynamical systems. And this is even more obvious when we study the adjoint notion of connective foliation. To apply those notions to dynamics, we first need to consider dynamical systems in an unified way. This is done with a categorical point of view on temporalities and dynamics. It is then possible to define categorical connective dynamics, and to apply to them the various connective notions, specially the connectivity order of a connectivity space