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The workings of the Maximum Entropy Principle in collective human behavior

Por • 27 ene, 2012 • Category: sociologia

We exhibit compelling evidence regarding how well does the MaxEnt principle describe the rank-distribution of city-populations via an exhaustive study of the 50 Spanish provinces (more than 8000 cities) in a time-window of 15 years (1996-2010). We show that the dynamics that governs the population-growth is the deciding factor that originates the observed distributions. The connection between dynamics and distributions is unravelled via MaxEnt.

Scaling laws and universality in the choice of election candidates

Por • 26 sep, 2011 • Category: sociologia

Nowadays there is an increasing interest of physicists in finding regularities related to social phenomena. This interest is clearly motivated by applications that a statistical mechanical description of the human behavior may have in our society. By using this framework, we address this work to cover an open question related to elections: the choice of elections candidates (candidature process). Our analysis reveals that, apart from the social motivations, this system displays features of traditional out-of-equilibrium physical phenomena such as scale-free statistics and universality.

Carta de ex ministros de Salud

Por • 16 ene, 2011 • Category: Nacionales

Ante la presentación del Mensaje Anual en la Asamblea Nacional, expertos y ex ministros instan al presidente Chávez no repetir las imprecisiones que en materia de salud ha venido informando al país

Venezuela conectada

Por • 12 ago, 2010 • Category: Nacionales, Opinion

Del continente americano, nuestro país es el que tiene mayor presencia en las redes sociales