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Information Content of Elementary Systems as a Physical Principle

Por • 30 mar, 2014 • Category: Ambiente

Quantum physics has remarkable characteristics such as quantum correlations, uncertainty relations, no cloning, which make for an interpretative and conceptual gap between the classical and the quantum world. To provide more unified framework the generalized probabilistic theories were formulated. Recently, it turned out that such theories include so called «postquantum» ones which share many of the typical quantum characteristics but predict supraquantum effects such as correlations stronger than quantum ones. As a result we reveal even more dramatic gap between classical/quantum and post-quantum world. Therefore it is imperative to search for information principles characterizing physical theories. In recent years, different principles has been proposed, however all of the principles considered so far has been correlation ones. Here, we introduce an elementary system information content principle (ICP) whose basic ingredient is the phenomenon of Heisenberg uncertainty.