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World Energy: From the «Shale Revolution» to Healthy Pragmatism? (II)

Por • 17 jun, 2013 • Category: Economía

Most likely, the European Union would make concessions to Russia in such an important area for both sides as energy supplies if it weren’t for the position of the U.S. For Washington, isolating Russia as much as possible from energy markets is a question of strategy, as «dependence on energy producers is incompatible with a unipolar world and is a real threat to the status of the U.S. as the only superpower». It is no accident that such close attention is given to the so-called «Greater Middle East», where 62% of proven world oil resources and over 40% of gas are found, in the concept of the Pax Americana. [14] As Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Noam Chomsky writes, «the main goals of global domination which were formulated in the post-war era remain relevant to this day». Among these goals Chomsky names «keeping control over the main world energy sources». It is worth mentioning that as far back as 1945 the U.S. State Department declared energy resources to be «one of the most attractive trophies in world history».

World Energy: From the «Shale Revolution» to Healthy Pragmatism? (I)

Por • 12 jun, 2013 • Category: Economía

The leading European companies approach the problem of extracting shale gas critically, seeing in it an indirect ecological threat for the entire continent. The development of shale gas fields in North America led to a drastic breakdown of the energy system in Europe: the U.S. placed its bets on shale gas, which caused prices in the coal industry to drop; Europeans rushed to buy up the cheap coal, and Europe literally started «smoking». And the Americans themselves, after trying to become pioneers in shale gas extraction, are still cautious in evaluating prospects. Test drilling caused massive protests in the U.S., as the method of hydraulically fragmenting the shale (fracking) used in such cases is hazardous to groundwater and the atmosphere. In addition, leading companies and analytical institutes vary widely in their evaluations of the prospects of shale gas extraction in the U.S., which does not justify affirmations of a «shale revolution» either.