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The most powerful particles in the Universe: a cosmic smash

Por • 9 may, 2013 • Category: Crítica

This year we are celebrating 101 years since the discovery of cosmic rays. They are whizzing all around the Universe, and they occur at very different energies, including the highest particle energies that exist. However, theory predicts an abrupt suppression (a «cutoff») above a specific huge energy. This is difficult to verify, the measurements are controversial, but it provides a unique opportunity to probe established concepts of physics – like Lorentz Invariance – under extreme conditions. If the observations will ultimately contradict this «cutoff», this could require a fundamental pillar of physics to be revised.

Teleparallel Gravity as a Higher Gauge Theory

Por • 23 abr, 2012 • Category: Ciencia y tecnología

We show that general relativity can be viewed as a higher gauge theory involving a categorical group, or 2-group, called the teleparallel 2-group. On any semi-Riemannian manifold M, we first construct a principal 2-bundle with the Poincar\’e 2-group as its structure 2-group. Any flat metric-preserving connection on M gives a flat 2-connection on this 2-bundle, and the key ingredient of this 2-connection is the torsion. Conversely, every flat strict 2-connection on this 2-bundle arises in this way if M is simply connected and has vanishing 2nd deRham cohomology. Extending from the Poincar\’e 2-group to the teleparallel 2-group, a 2-connection includes an additional piece: a coframe field. Taking advantage of the teleparallel reformulation of general relativity, in which a coframe field, a flat connection and its torsion are the key ingredients, this lets us rewrite general relativity as a theory with a 2-connection for the teleparallel 2-group as its only field.