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Software Progress Beats Moore’s Law

Por • 10 mar, 2011 • Category: Leyes

The rapid improvement in chips, of course, has its own “law” — Moore’s Law, named after the Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, who in 1965 predicted that the density of transistors on integrated circuits would double every 18 months or so. Physics, along with ingenuity and investment, made that forecast of performance-doubling every year and a half accurate so far.There are no such laws in software. But the White House advisory report cited research, including a study of progress over a 15-year span on a benchmark production-planning task. Over that time, the speed of completing the calculations improved by a factor of 43 million.

Un estudio alerta de la vulnerabilidad de las infraestructuras de Internet

Por • 15 dic, 2010 • Category: Ciencia y tecnología

un ataque a los puntos críticos del sistema de Internet, como determinadas conexiones de cables, servidores o centros de datos, puede provocar problemas tanto o más importantes como un mantenimiento ineficiente de las funciones de red.