Artículos con la etiqueta ‘High Energy Physics – Experiment (hep-ex)’

Neutrino experiments in Physics Department of Rome Sapienza University

Por • 26 jul, 2013 • Category: Educacion

This paper describes the history of experimental neutrino physics in the physics department of Rome Sapienza University

Comment on the evidence of the Higgs boson at LHC

Por • 27 sep, 2012 • Category: Leyes

We comment on the Standard Model Higgs boson evidence from LHC. We propose that the new resonance at 125 GeV could be interpreted as a pseudoscalar meson with quantum number $J^{PC} = 0^{- +}$. We show that this pseudoscalar could mimic the decays of the Standard Model Higgs boson in all channels with the exception of the decay into two leptons that i. s strongly suppressed due to charge-conjugation invariance