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An Arab Springtime?

Por • 13 oct, 2011 • Category: Política

The decline of capitalism might open the way for a long transition toward socialism, but it might equally well put humanity on the road to generalized barbarism. The ongoing U.S. project of military control over the planet by its armed forces, supported by their NATO lieutenants, the erosion of democracy in the imperialist core countries, and the medievalistic rejection of democracy within Southern countries in revolt (taking the form of “fundamentalist” semi-religious delusions disseminated by political Islam, political Hinduism, and political Buddhism) all work together toward that dreadful outcome. At the current time the struggle for secularist democratization is crucial—both for its strengthening of popular emancipation, and its opposition to generalized barbarism.

The Trajectory of Historical Capitalism and Marxism’s Tricontinental Vocation

Por • 10 feb, 2011 • Category: Leyes

The long history of capitalism is composed of three distinct, successive phases: (1) a lengthy preparation—the transition from the tributary mode, the usual form of organization of pre-modern societies—which lasted eight centuries, from 1000 to 1800; (2) a short period of maturity (the nineteenth century), during which the “West” affirmed its domination; (3) the long “decline” caused by the “Awakening of the South” (to use the title of my book, published in 2007) in which the peoples and their states regained the major initiative in transforming the world—the first wave having taken place in the twentieth century. This struggle against an imperialist order that is inseparable from the global expansion of capitalism is itself the potential agent in the long road of transition, beyond capitalism, toward socialism. In the twenty-first century, there are now the beginnings of a second wave of independent initiatives by the peoples and states of the South.

Soto Rojas: Venezuela es el centro de una revolución que se expande por el mundo

Por • 7 feb, 2011 • Category: Nacionales

Venezuela se ha convertido en el centro de una revolución que se expande en el mundo como la resistencia contra el imperialismo y el sionismo que se desarrolla en países del Medio Oriente.