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Space, luxury or necessity: situations and prospects for France after the Livre Blanc and Opération Serval

Por • 31 jul, 2013 • Category: Opinion

Regarding outer space, France’s main objective is to perpetuate its autonomy and national sovereignty. As sovereignty is the state of determining itself based on its own will without depending on other nations, satellites are, first and foremost, the guarantee of France’s autonomy in assessment and thereby in decision-making. Space resources also contribute to the other form of autonomy, i.e. the autonomy of action. Both are but two sides of the same coin since deciding autonomously without having the means to act is more or less a statement of weakness showing that one state is constrained in choosing only decisions not to act.

China, Russia Issue Joint Statement

Por • 10 ene, 2011 • Category: Portada

The two presidents point out that national independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity are the basic elements of the international law, the essential principles of international relations and the necessary conditions for each nation’s existence.