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Is the Merlin engine the workhorse of future spaceflight?

Por • 21 ago, 2010 • Category: Ciencia y tecnología

“Those Merlin engines are fantastic,” offers Tony Stark to Elon Musk in a cameo for the summer movie Iron Man 2. The brief exchange, occurring as it does in the Monte Carlo Hotel de Paris prior to the Monaco Grand Prix, invites the space enthusiast in all of us to draw an analogy between the two industrialists—and for those inclined to stretch a cameo further than anyone should, between the aforementioned Merlin engines and the Formula 1 racers about to take to the track.

Can the UK aerospace base drive human space efforts forward?

Por • 21 ago, 2010 • Category: Ciencia y tecnología

During the Apollo moon program following John F. Kennedy’s decision to land a man on the Moon, thousands of companies and hundreds of thousands of employees were contracted in order to make this prestige dream a reality. The decision was made in response to the Soviet Union’s preeminence in space at around the time and Kennedy wanted the United States to be “first, period”. At around the same time in Britain, much overlooked and arguably hugely under-credited, were developments at the edge of technology that were similarly Cold War focused but rather than exploiting space for prestige exploited it for practical benefits, most notably defense.