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Information-theoretic interpretation of quantum formalism

Por • 6 ene, 2014 • Category: Leyes

We propose an information-theoretic interpretation of quantum formalism based on Bayesian probability and free from any additional axiom. Quantum information is construed as a technique of statistical estimation of the variables within an information manifold. We start from a classical register. The input data are converted into a Bayesian prior, conditioning the probability of the variables involved. In static systems, this framework leads to solving a linear programming problem which is next transcribed into a Hilbert space using the Gleason theorem. General systems are introduced in a second step by quantum channels. This provides an information-theoretic foundation to quantum information, including the rules of commutation of observables. We conclude that the theory, while dramatically expanding the scope of classical information, is not different from the information itself and is therefore a universal tool of reasoning.