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An Arab Springtime?

Por • 13 oct, 2011 • Category: Política

The decline of capitalism might open the way for a long transition toward socialism, but it might equally well put humanity on the road to generalized barbarism. The ongoing U.S. project of military control over the planet by its armed forces, supported by their NATO lieutenants, the erosion of democracy in the imperialist core countries, and the medievalistic rejection of democracy within Southern countries in revolt (taking the form of “fundamentalist” semi-religious delusions disseminated by political Islam, political Hinduism, and political Buddhism) all work together toward that dreadful outcome. At the current time the struggle for secularist democratization is crucial—both for its strengthening of popular emancipation, and its opposition to generalized barbarism.

Vladimir Poutine et l’Empire eurasiatique de la Fin

Por • 6 ene, 2011 • Category: sociologia

Or c’est bien au-dessus de cette fosse commune déliquescente que va devoir se lever, bientôt, et de quelle manière inattendue, l’immense tourbillon de feu de l’entreprise révolutionnaire grand-européenne de salut et de libération visant à mettre en piste, politiquement et historiquement, ce qu’il est déjà convenu d’appeler l’Empire Eurasiatique de la Fin.

A mystical journey with Rumi – Asia Times Online

Por • 15 ago, 2010 • Category: Internacionales

Ibrahim Gamard is a California-based sheikh of the Sufi Mevlana order and has spent his life translating the poetry of 13th-century Sufi mystic Mevlana Rumi. Murtazali Dugrichilov of RFE/RL’s North Caucasus Service spoke to Gamard about the problems of modern-day Sufism and why Rumi is so popular in the West.