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Russia in Crimea: to Rescue, Protect and Defend

Por • 5 mar, 2014 • Category: Política

Playing its geopolitical games the West has approached the red line posing a threat to the balance of forces in the Black Sea region and, potentially, in the entire Eurasia. The Russia’s interests in the region are not something abstract; it’s a reality for the West to reckon with. Could Russia watch quietly how NATO is getting tighter the moose around its neck while millions of Russian lives are jeopardized in Ukraine as the events unfold unfavorably for them?. The south-eastern part of the country became somewhat disorganized as a result of President Victor Yanukovych fleeing the country and the betrayal of many MPs from the Party of Regions. It complicated the efforts to counter the trend. Especially under the conditions when «evolutionary expediency» substitutes the law. It’s hard to imagine the United States installing elements of missile defense somewhere as near as Lugansk and Donetsk, but even if it were Dnepropetrovsk, for instance, the deployment of US interceptors at the distance of 1000 km from the centers of vital importance on Russian soil would have been unacceptable.

El problema de Rusia en Ucrania

Por • 8 dic, 2013 • Category: Política

En la batalla entre Rusia y la Unión Europea por ver quien se queda con Ucrania, hay un problema que nadie contabiliza pese a que está en el centro de la situación. Se trata del problema de Rusia. Más allá de la minoría rusófoba que existe en Ucrania Occidental, el hecho central es que a pesar de la proximidad cultural, histórica y civilizatoria existente entre la inmensa mayoría de los ucranianos y los rusos, Rusia no es atractiva para ellos. Muchos ucranianos no ven en la hermana Rusia una perspectiva de futuro y modernización. Y los motivos son claros.