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Mathematics : The Language of Science

Por • 30 nov, 2011 • Category: Educacion

The vast dimensions of the learning process necessitate the choice of a focussed enough theme — more especially the Sciences-for a purposeful analysis. And Mathematics is the most natural language for such study, as it provides a quantitative basis for articulating the huge dimensions of Science. The purpose of this essay is to bring out the unique role of Mathematics in providing a base to the diverse sciences which conform to its rigid structure. Of these the physical and economic sciences are so intimately linked with mathematics, that they have become almost a part of its structure under the generic title of Applied Mathematics. But with the progress of time, more and more branches of Science are getting quantified and coming under its ambit. And once a branch of science gets articulated into a mathematical structure, the process goes beyond mere classification and arrangement, and becomes eligible as a candidate for enjoying its predictive powers! Indeed it is this single property of Mathematics which gives it the capacity to predict the nature of evolution in time of the said branch of science. This has been well verified in the domain of physical sciences, but now even biological sciences are slowly feeling its strength, and the list is expanding