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Hezbollah caught in vortex of chance

Por • 11 may, 2011 • Category: Educacion

Perhaps then, the only thing that is relatively easy to discern in this next period is that Hezbollah will have to forge its course, one way or another, amid an array of different, competing hands stirring the pot, a massive quantity of arms floating around on all sides, more wide open and radicalized constituencies, less certain alliances and, crucially, none of the underlying, longstanding drivers of violence and underdevelopment engaged in any sort of meaningful mitigation process. In this vortex of chance, impulse, choice and contradiction, Nasrallah may indeed revert to a “lite” version of his (more often than not) pragmatic approach that served the party so well since he became head of Hezbollah in 1992. But like so many involved in this next, defining stage of the post-modern Middle East, he must find particular discomfort – especially for a man dedicated to several radical goals – in one gnawing question: will it be enough?