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Records The Shape of a Single Photon Unveiled in China

Por • 17 may, 2013 • Category: Opinion

The ability to store and release single photons is one of the enabling technologies for a quantum internet. These quantum storage devices are the key to quantum routers. Clearly, memories that can preserve the spatial structure of the photons will make this kind of router, and the internet it empowers, far more flexible and capable. Of course, the technologies that end up making the quantum internet of the future will depend on many other factors, not least of which will be a significant dollop of luck. But given the numerous advances in this area made by Chinese labs in recent years, only a fool would bet against Chinese technology playing a significant role in the way we quantum communicate in future

First Observation Of 8 Entangled Photons Smashes Entanglement Record

Por • 6 jun, 2011 • Category: Ciencia y tecnología

Being able to manipulate an 8-photon state will allow them to simulate other quantum systems. That should make it possible to simulate for the first time various phenomena in quantum chemistry and even in biophysics