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La fonte algébrique des Méthodes nouvelles de la mécanique céleste d’Henri Poincaré

Por • 14 oct, 2012 • Category: Leyes

Poincar\’e’s approach to the three body problem has often been celebrated as a starting point of chaos theory in relation to the investigation of dynamical systems. Yet, Poincar\’e’s strategy can also be analyzed as molded on – or casted in – some specific algebraic practices for manipulating systems of linear equations. These practices shed new light on both the novelty and the collective dimensions of Poincar\’e’s M\’ethodes nouvelles. As the structure of a cast-iron building may be less noticeable than its creative fa\c{c}ade, the algebraic cast of Poincar\’e’s strategy is broken out of the mold in generating the novel methods of celestial mechanics. But as the various components that are mixed in some casting process can still be detected in the resulting alloy, the algebraic cast of the M\’ethodes nouvelles points to some collective dimensions of Poincar\’e’s methods.

Applications of a constrained mechanics methodology in economics

Por • 30 jun, 2011 • Category: Economía

The paper presents instructive interdisciplinary applications of constrained mechanics calculus in economics on a level appropriate for the undergraduate physics education. The aim of the paper is: 1. to meet the demand for illustrative examples suitable for presenting the background of the highly expanding research field of econophysics even on the undergraduate level and 2. to enable the students to understand deeper the principles and methods routinely used in mechanics by looking at the well known methodology from the different perspective of economics.