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On the Mathematics of Music: From Chords to Fourier Analysis

Por • 28 jul, 2013 • Category: Crítica

Mathematics is a far reaching discipline and its tools appear in many applications. In this paper we discuss its role in music and signal processing by revisiting the use of mathematics in algorithms that can extract chord information from recorded music. We begin with a light introduction to the theory of music and motivate the use of Fourier analysis in audio processing. We introduce the discrete and continuous Fourier transforms and investigate their use in extracting important information from audio data.

The Emerging Art of Algorithmic Music

Por • 20 dic, 2011 • Category: Filosofía

The work of Ville-Matias Heikkila, a Finnish artist and computer programmer, might come as a shock. In the last year or so, he and others have been experimenting with the audio output of simple computer programs in an infinite loop. The output is a modulated stream of pulses that, when played through an audio speaker, sounds melodic. Today, he outlines this work and some of the techniques and tools that he uses to generate the code, listen to it and even visualise it. He’s posted some of these tunes along with their source code on Youtube. Heikkila says that these programs generate surprisingly interesting music, sometimes by repeating only two or three arithmetic operations. So he and others have been exploring the space of all possible simple algorithms, albeit in a rather disorganised way. Now Heikkila, who also goes by the online moniker viznut, is proposing a more methodical search of this space. He wants to set up a program that generates new formulas automatically and a website that allows people to rate the music it finds. In essence, he wants to crowdsource the task of music discovery. One half of this problem may have already been cracked for him. Ten years ago, Stephen Wolfram argued that the laws of physics are no more than a set of simple algorithms. In his book A New Kind of Science, he explores and characterises the entire space of simple algorithms for cellular automata and argues that the Universe is governed by rules like them. The difficult task is finding these rules.

Del Continuo al Algoritmo: la Improvisación implícita en la notación musical.

Por • 3 feb, 2011 • Category: Filosofía

Para la historia de la música, que se entiende por Clásica, la improvisación ha sido siempre uno de sus troncos fundamentales, aunque notablemente espinoso, debido a que a esa creación instantánea se le atribuye una naturaleza casi mágica, exclusiva de ciertos personajes, por lo cual ha sido difícil de estudiar, de catalogar, de encasillar, de regular, de enseñar. Es más fácil desdeñarla y ponerla de lado que incentivarla y eso es lo que tradicionalmente se ha venido haciendo, pero aún así ha sido imposible de eliminarla.