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Unconventional research in USSR and Russia: short overview

Por • 12 ene, 2014 • Category: Crítica

This work briefly surveys unconventional research in Russia from the end of the 19th until the beginning of the 21th centuries in areas related to generation and detection of a ‘high-penetrating’ emission of non-biological origin. The overview is based on open scientific and journalistic materials. The unique character of this research and its history, originating from governmental programs of the USSR, is shown. Relations to modern studies on biological effects of weak electromagnetic emission, several areas of bioinformatics and theories of physical vacuum are discussed.

3D Printing for Math Professors and Their Students

Por • 21 ago, 2013 • Category: Leyes

In this primer, we will describe a number of projects that can be completed with a 3D printer, particularly by mathematics professors and their students. For many of the projects, we will utilize Mathematica to design objects that mathematicians may be interested in printing. Included in the projects that are described is a method to acquire data from an XBox Kinect.