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Comuneros y Poder Popular en Caracas: ¿Bulla o Músculo?

Por • 21 nov, 2013 • Category: Nacionales

Por diferentes medios escritos tuve noticias de un encuentro nacional de comuneros y la información recogidas en las notas de prensa daban ganas de poner en el aire cohetes y cohetones.

China, US face common challenges

Por • 18 oct, 2013 • Category: Política

A document recently circulating on the Chinese Internet [1] argues that there are eight areas that urgently need to be reformed. It is a lengthy and detailed account, but in a nutshell it announces that at the Party Plenum that will convene next month, the leadership intends to curb the power and access to financing for the once almighty and still inefficient state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and to create a better market and financial environment for the efficient yet still timid private enterprises. The latter, especially small- and medium-sized businesses, have for decades driven Chinese development. This is certainly fully in line with the reforms approved in the past, in theory it is continuity. A decade ago the party changed the constitution, giving private enterprises the same status as SOEs. De facto this is the beginning of a total revolution that will check the influence of SOEs, which were an integral part of the economy and power structure of the elite of the party.