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Sino-US hatchet not buried yet

Por • 14 ene, 2011 • Category: Internacionales

The symbolism is important. It came just a week before Chinese President Hu Jintao’s scheduled state visit to Washington, likely his last as China’s supreme leader. Gates’ visit and his meetings with China’s civilian and military leaders provided an opportunity for him to assess Beijing’s perspectives on many issues critical to US interests

Chávez a Clinton: “Dígale a Obama que yo soy el mismo de Trinidad y Tobago”

Por • 6 ene, 2011 • Category: Nacionales

mientras hablaba con el primer Ministro de Portugal, José Sócrates, la secretaria de Estado norteamericano, Hillary Clinton, se acercó a saludar “y se detuvo a hablar. Ella ha podido seguir. Ella se paró a hablar. Luego, apareció el primer Ministro de Curazao y dijo que hablaba inglés, llegó (Sebastián) Piñera, y yo le dije a ella: ¿Usted saludó a Santos? Entonces, yo le dije Santos ven acá que te quiere saludar mi amiga”, dijo.

‘Superpower’ tag in doubt

Por • 3 ene, 2011 • Category: Portada

Despite wide acknowledgement of China’s economic might and its political and diplomatic leverage – the two major parameters in defining a superpower – only 12 percent of respondents deemed China to be a «superpower,» down by 14.4 percent from 2008.

NATO weaves South Asian web

Por • 1 ene, 2011 • Category: Portada

What the summit meeting of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) at Lisbon last month brought to mind almost instinctively was that the persistent rumors about the alliance’s death were indeed greatly exaggerated. The striking thing was the degree of internal unity and outward determination among the alliance’s 28 members.

Tao Guan Yang Hui — what is the best translation

Por • 16 dic, 2010 • Category: Educacion

Deng Xiaoping said this after the Soviet Union collapsed and a lot of other Communist Chinese leaders said to him, we are now number one of the Communist parties in the world. We need to assume world leadership of the Communist movement now that the Soviets are collapsed and are gone. This is China’s destiny. And he said, ”bu chu tou.” the meaning is, let’s not get out in front, let’s not draw the attention of the chief hegemon of the world who brought about the collapse of the Soviet Union.

There is room for two ambitious Asian giants

Por • 15 dic, 2010 • Category: Política

Neither China nor India should impose its own requirements on the other country. Both countries should further understand each other’s interests and concerns, and properly address existing divergences.

In the shadow of Vesuvius

Por • 9 dic, 2010 • Category: Internacionales

If Europe and Italy fail, in a way, China and the rest of the world will also fail, losing the cradle of modernization and leaving everybody more lonely, confused and possibly prone to big mistakes.

Exportaciones no petroleras: especie en extinción

Por • 24 nov, 2010 • Category: Nacionales, Portada

Fue siempre una aspiración de los venezolanos contar con una economía diversificada y productiva.

China needs to mitigate external friction

Por • 12 nov, 2010 • Category: Internacionales, Política

The biggest player to affect China’s rise is still the US. But China will determine the future of Sino-US relations using its own will and beliefs.

Dilemmas of Brazilian Grand Strategy

Por • 11 nov, 2010 • Category: Internacionales, Opinion

This monograph analyzes Brazilian grand strategy under President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. During Lula’s nearly 8 years in office, he has pursued a multipronged grand strategy aimed at hastening the transition from unipolarity and Western economic hegemony to a multipolar order