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The Standard Aspect of Dialectical Logic

Por • 14 sep, 2011 • Category: Opinion

Dialectical logic is the logic of dialectical processes. The goal of dialectical logic is to introduce dynamic notions into logical computational systems. The fundamental notions of proposition and truth-value in standard logic are subsumed by the notions of process and flow in dialectical logic. Dialectical logic has a standard aspect, which can be defined in terms of the «local cartesian closure» of subtypes. The standard aspect of dialectical logic provides a natural program semantics which incorporates Hoare’s precondition/postcondition semantics and extends the standard Kripke semantics of dynamic logic. The goal of the standard aspect of dialectical logic is to unify the logic of small-scale and large-scale programming.

Stephen Jay Gould’s Critique of Progress

Por • 18 feb, 2011 • Category: sociologia

Given human arrogance and the prevalence of progressivist ideology, it is commonly presumed that the emergence of Homo sapiens is the inevitable apex of evolutionary processes. Counter to this view, Gould argued that, although natural selection led to some degree of “progress” on short timescales in the limited sense that it dialectically adapted creatures to their environments, over longer scales of time there was no deterministic direction to the history of life. The fundamental importance of contingency in history was perhaps the most centrally important feature of Gould’s thinking.