Artículos con la etiqueta ‘relaciones’

Set theory and topology. An introduction to the foundations of analysis. Part I: Sets, relations, numbers

Por • 17 jun, 2013 • Category: Opinion

We provide a formal introduction into the classic theorems of general topology and its axiomatic foundations in set theory. Starting from ZFC, the exposition in this first part includes relation and order theory as well as a construction of number systems.

The fundamentals of relations language mathematics

Por • 23 oct, 2012 • Category: Filosofía

The fundamentals of formal logic, theory of sets and mathematical structures are narrated in terms of relations language.

The interpretation of quantum mechanics and of probability: Identical role of the ‘observer’

Por • 22 jun, 2011 • Category: Ambiente

The aim of the article is to argue that the interpretations of quantum mechanics and of probability are much closer than usually thought. Indeed, a detailed analysis of the concept of probability (within the standard frequency theory of R. von Mises) reveals that the latter concept always refers to an observing system.

Russia and Europe: Destination Unknown

Por • 24 may, 2011 • Category: Internacionales

A conference titled “The Politico-Military Dimension of European Security: Proposals and Perspectives” co-hosted by Russia’s and Greece’s foreign ministries was held in Athens on May 17, 2011. It focused on the interactions between Russia and Greece in the security sphere, trust-building measures, and arms control.