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Islamism, the US and “Wahhabi lobby” in Russia

Por • 5 ago, 2011 • Category: Internacionales

“Wahhabi lobby” in Russia (to be exact, it should be called Islamists’ lobby) began to take shape several years ago. By now it is a well-controlled machine of media and experts. There are pro-Islamic experts including essayist Ruslan Kurbanov, who isespecially active, who are trying if not completely to justify the executors of terrorist attacks but at least to find mitigating circumstances for them.


Por • 27 dic, 2010 • Category: sociologia

The Jews are the carriers of a religious culture which is deeply distinct from all historical displays of Indo-European spirituality – from ancient Aryan heathen cults to Hinduism and Christianity.

Varanasi blast breaks terror lull

Por • 9 dic, 2010 • Category: Leyes

«Allahabad High Court’s verdict of ‘Aastha [faith] over Facts’ is exemplary of the bias[ed] judiciary although Ram is a mythical figure,» the Indian Mujahideen said in its e-mail.