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India fails test of ‘knowledge economy’

Por • 1 dic, 2012 • Category: Internacionales

There are few signs that US dominance in the knowledge economy will wane, thanks in no small part to its open-door policy for Chinese and Indian researchers and innovators. According to a recent study in Nature magazine, 17% of the scientists in the US are Chinese and another 12% are Indians. It is quite probable that these Indians have a higher research output than India-based scientists. The skills crisis among India’s young population is in large part due to pervasive shortages of qualified faculty. In a recent interview, Shyam Sunder (Yale School of Management) observed that: «Our best brains are selling soaps and getting into civil service» but «we are not able to attract them to a sector that is most important to us – education – particularly higher education.» As a result, even prestigious institutions – like the Indian Institutes of Technology and the Indian Institutes of Management – are facing a shortage of qualified faculty. As higher education undergoes further expansion, these shortages can only mount.

Promoting scientific thinking with robots

Por • 27 ago, 2011 • Category: Educacion

This article describes an exemplary robot exercise which was conducted in a class for mechatronics students. The goal of this exercise was to engage students in scientific thinking and reasoning, activities which do not always play an important role in their curriculum. The robotic platform presented here is simple in its construction and is customizable to the needs of the teacher. Therefore, it can be used for exercises in many different fields of science, not necessarily related to robotics. Here we present a situation where the robot is used like an alien creature from which we want to understand its behavior, resembling an ethological research activity. This robot exercise is suited for a wide range of courses, from general introduction to science, to hardware oriented lectures.