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EU Changes Energy Policy

Por • 29 may, 2013 • Category: Economía

The publication of the management consultant A.T. Kearney’s report was evidently timed with the summit. The report said shale gas production in Europe is expected to come in full swing by 2017-2018. A.T. Kearney expects shale gas production in the region to reach 58 billion cubic meters by 2035, which is well over 12 percent of the total gas consumed by the EU in 2011. By that time the shale gas extraction in Europe should account for 45 percent of the total gas production in the region, with the exception of Norway. According to our view, the report is built on sand. The producers and state geological services (5) are confident that no production estimates could be made without adequate exploration including actual drilling. As is known, the plans to produce shale gas by ExxonMobil (in Poland and Hungary), Shell (Sweden). have been shelved. In Germany Wintershall and BNK have called back their exploration licenses. BNK has dropped its concessions in Thuringia, Germany. Previously it had planned to produce 10 billion cubic meters annually during 25-30 years (the total country’s production is around 11 billion cm). (6) The forecast figures for overall European shale gas production were overestimated in the US Energy Information Administration 2011 report.