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Characterising intermediate tense logics in terms of Galois connections

Por • 4 feb, 2014 • Category: Educacion

We propose a uniform way of defining for every logic L intermediate between intuitionistic and classical logics, the corresponding intermediate minimal tense logic LK t . This is done by building the fusion of two copies of intermediate logic with a Galois connection LGC , and then interlinking their operators by two Fischer Servi axioms. The resulting system is called here L2GC+FS . In the cases of intuitionistic logic Int and classical logic Cl , it is noted that Int2GC+FS is syntactically equivalent to intuitionistic minimal tense logic IK t by W. B.Ewald and Cl2GC+FS equals classical minimal tense logic K t . This justifies to consider L2GC+FS as minimal L -tense logic LK t for any intermediate logic L . We define H2GC+FS-algebras as expansions of HK1-algebras, introduced by E. Or{\l}owska and I. Rewitzky. For each intermediate logic L , we show algebraic completeness of L2GC+FS and its conservativeness over L .