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Modelling of the European Union income distribution by extended Yakovenko formula

Por • 16 dic, 2013 • Category: Opinion

We found a unified formula for description of the household incomes of all society classes, for instance, for the European Union in years 2005-2010. The formula is more general than well known that of Yakovenko et al. because, it satisfactorily describes not only the household incomes of low- and medium-income society classes but also the household incomes of the high-income society class. As a striking result, we found that the high-income society class almost disappeared in year 2009, in opposite to situation in remaining years, where this class played a significant role.

The Conundrum of Iran

Por • 27 ene, 2012 • Category: Política

At the moment, maintaining the status quo is not in the US interests, holds Stratfor, a US-based global intelligence agency: “If al Assad survives and if the situation in Iraq proceeds as it has been proceeding, then Iran is creating a reality that will define the region. The United States does not have a broad and effective coalition, and certainly not one that would rally in the event of war. It has only Israel …” (2) If the conflict with Iran takes the shape of a protracted bombing campaign and comes as a prologue to the occupation of the country, the US will need to strengthen its positions in adjacent regions, meaning that Washington will be trying to draw the Caucasian republics (Georgia, Azerbaijan) and those of Central Asia into the orbit of its policy and thus tightening the “Anaconda loop” around Russia.

Structural Crisis in the World-System: Where Do We Go from Here?1

Por • 17 mar, 2011 • Category: Leyes

Mrs. Thatcher coined the slogan, “There is no alternative” or TINA. To ensure that, in fact, there would be no alternative, the International Monetary Fund, backed by the U.S. Treasury, made as a condition of all financial assistance to countries with budgetary crises adherence to its strict neoliberal conditions.


Por • 10 mar, 2011 • Category: Nacionales, Portada

En Libia hay una guerra de secesión, las fuerzas armadas se dividieron y un bando se auto proclamó revolucionario anti Gadafi, al que se le sumó todo aquél grupo que luchaba contra Gadafi, como tribus opuestas, comandos infiltrados de Fuerzas Armadas de Egipto (con quien ya tuvo una guerra), Túnez, el M 16 ingles, Francia, Italia e Inglaterra; además, grupos de hermanos musulmanes y otros grupos musulmanes radicales y miembros de Al Quaeda, estos últimos enemigos acérrimos de Gadafi desde hace tiempo.

Venezuela rechaza posibilidad de invasión militar a Libia por parte de EEUU y sus aliados

Por • 4 mar, 2011 • Category: Nacionales

El presidente de la República, Hugo Chávez, ha propuesto al mundo conformar una comisión de países amigos de Libia, para que a través de la buena voluntad y la diplomacia de paz este pueblo africano pueda encontrar un punto de entendimiento para superar el inicio de una guerra civil que ya comienza a destruir y a desangrar a esta nación, dijo el canciller.

Libia hacia la intervencion occidental: asesores estadounidenses, británicos y franceses en Bengazi

Por • 2 mar, 2011 • Category: Portada

Mientras Hillary Clinton declara que el exilio de Gadafi “es una posibilidad” el sitio de informaciones de los servicios de inteligencia israelíes Debka anuncia que asesores militares de los EE.UU., británicos y franceses, habrían llegado a la Cirenaica, de mano de los insurgentes

Libya: The Empire Strikes Back

Por • 27 feb, 2011 • Category: Crítica

I know, it’s a cry in the wilderness, but events—which are unfolding at a pace too fast to keep up with—is a cry for a new way of living but as yet a formless cry, without direction and extremely vulnerable to all kinds of forces. In Egypt, as ever, the military are still in power. The same goes for all the countries involved. Yet the reality is that unless underlying causes both economic and political, are addressed, nothing will change except perhaps some minor concessions.