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Geography and ideals clash in Ukraine

Por • 2 abr, 2014 • Category: Internacionales

Ideologies can be defeated and mostly vanquished (as happened with fascism and communism), but nations typically cannot. Russia, its history, and the history of its geography cannot be wished away. In centuries, Russia will still be there, at the eastern borders of Europe, on the northern shores of the Black Sea, and almost at the Mediterranean. The US may support freedom for the Ukrainians, and it may be wary of the ambiguous fascination Europeans have for the totalitarian regimes Putin seems to represent (in the past, fascism and communism did not meet total resistance in Europe). But there is also the fact that Russia will not simply disappear. A further breakdown of Russia could bring far eastern Asia, China, closer to Europe, and this perhaps could be worse than Moscow creeping into the European Union.