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Oleoducto unirá a Venezuela y Colombia

Por • 18 oct, 2013 • Category: Nacionales

La canciller de Colombia, María Ángela Holguín, se refirió al “memorando de acuerdo” firmado este miércoles con el Canciller Elías Jaua del cual, precisó, permitirá conectar sus oleoductos en la zona de frontera

TPP a Trojan horse

Por • 30 sep, 2013 • Category: Internacionales

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement is a proposed trade pact that Japan is negotiating with Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States, and Vietnam (as of September 2013). The TPP aims to increase the liberalization of economies in the Pacific region through abolition of tariffs on trade as well as reregulation. Although the TPP negotiations have been held in the name of the people, the draft texts have been shrouded in secrecy not only from the public, but also members of the Diet in Japan, and civil society, thereby precluding public scrutiny and public input. Reportedly, the countries have signed up not to reveal the contents of the agreement for four years after the signing of the agreement. All public information comes from leaked texts. Bizarrely, the TPP makes a special exception to «a group of some 600 trade ‘advisers’, dominated by representatives of big businesses.» The TPP is a Trojan horse, branded as a «free trade» agreement, but having nothing to do with fair and equitable treatment. In reality, it is precisely «a wish list of the 1% – a worldwide corporate power». «Only 5 of its 29 chapters cover traditional trade matters, like tariffs or quotas.» «The other chapters enshrine new rights and privileges for major corporations while weakening the power of nation states to oppose them.»

Reward for Russian appeasement is futility

Por • 25 nov, 2011 • Category: Política

China in particular should learn lessons from Russia. It cannot initiate confrontation with the US but must develop some deterrents at the same time. China cannot be as innocent as Russia in the 1990s. The US will not give China outward respect, but China could force it to. As long as China is not naive, it can avoid confrontation with the US and not let itself be easily infuriated by any frustration in bilateral relations. China should learn to be patient when dealing with the US. Chinese philosophy, such as tai chi, will offer many help.

Los cancilleres de Colombia y Venezuela se reunieron en Caracas

Por • 5 oct, 2011 • Category: Nacionales

Un comunicado del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de Venezuela dio cuenta de que en la reunión participaron los cancilleres, la colombiana María Ángela Holguín y el venezolano Nicolás Maduro, y los ministros de Defensa, el general del Ejército venezolano Carlos Mata Figueroa y Juan Carlos Pinzón, quien asumió el mes pasado esa cartera ministerial en el Gobierno colombiano.