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Class warfare will worsen US gridlock

Por • 14 oct, 2011 • Category: Economía

The chances are vanishingly small that the Occupy Wall Street movement will realise its lofty dream of taking down Wall Street and Washington by bringing to the US the people power revolutions of the Arab Spring. But something big is happening in the US. The nation’s economy is stagnant, its social compact is broken, and its politics is dysfunctional. No surprise that Occupy Wall Street on the left, just as the Tea Party two years ago on the right, is a shooting star movement motivated by the same just-say-no-to-the-establishment battle cry.
The irony, however, is that the measure of Occupy Wall Street’s success, like the Tea Party’s, will be how much it infiltrates traditional politics. And the tragedy is that the more successful it is, the less governable the US will become, and the less likely the country will face up to its demons.